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An introduction to Japanese Culture


To travel is probably the most incredible and engaging human experience; for many, it’s like an inner voice that wants to know the world, and to live many different lives. Each and every Country is a lovestory, but Japan in particular is a land full of surprises: from the small rural areas with an ancient flavor, to the Kanto and Kansai regions with their megalopolis, this country seems to hide small (and big) secrets that seduce and fascinate foreigners and turists.

Japan, however, is a place with traditions and habits quite far from ours, and a very captivating cultural and religious history.

Knowing Japanese customs and traditions


To better savor the experience, it’s essential to get to know some of the Japanese customs and traditions, and to understand its history and religions.

How to properly behave at dinner, how to eat in Japan, what to do in an onsen, how to greet strangers; moreover, how to recognize a shinto shrine from a buddhist temple, and how to understand the marvels of the XX century modernization. These are little bricks that will help you live a different experience, in the sign of cultural consciousness, and the total immersion in Japan’s history, past and present.

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