Discover Japan on your terms

With a taylor-made experience

After more than a decade of travels and life in Japan, Inari is eager to share with you some of them best solutions (and the most beautiful itineraries) o travel to Japan and fall in love with this amazing country.

With care and attention to the local cultur and heritage, and without forgetting the must-see places that transform Japan into and incredible Wander Land, we can help you choose the most suitable itinerary to follow your vocation and your dreams, and to discover your personal Japan.

We guide you through Japan's culture

Inari will help you planning the itinerary, and guide you on your path in Japan. In collaboration with different travel agency, we can offer assistance for a part or for the whole journey.

Our goal is to allow you to experience a unique Japan, and help you create a personal adventure that will stay with you after the travel is over.

We help you organize your trip to Japan

We can work together, in person or via Skype (or similar) to understand the best solutions for your travel, and to organize the different steps of your jouney according to your tastes, your type of travel, your desires and the season you want to travel in.

Language and culture Coaching

With our team, we can offer specific cultural and language coaching, whether you are traveling for pleasure, for work or with the idea to move your life in the land of the Rising Sun.

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